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Elite iQ™ 5D Laser Lifting

At the first anti-aging (Great Health) Medical Beauty Festival in China in 2021, the world-famous laser R & D and manufacturer Cynosure company officially launched  Cynosure  5D Laser lifting, which is the only equipment developed and produced by sanuoxiu company in the anti-aging market for 10 years. With its unique dual wavelength laser technology, multi spot and ultra long pulse width selection, the laser energy can better act on the skin tissue, produce photothermal effect and photobiological effect, stimulate the regeneration of collagen, and realize the comprehensive multi-level and multi-directional treatment effect. It is another peak work and the most advanced and authoritative anti-aging instrument in the world.

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What is 5D Laser Lifting?

5D Laser lifting can tighten collagen, promote collagen regeneration, dissolve excess fat on the face, improve the contour, and achieve the effect of tightening and upgrading. At the same time, it can also improve skin color and skin quality, fade color spots, whiten skin, shrink pores, improve the redness of red blood filaments and sensitive muscles, and achieve the effect of repairing skin barrier.

5D meaning

5 therapeutic target tissues: water, melanin, hemoglobin, collagen and fat
5 major penetration layers: epidermis, superficial dermis, deep dermis, superficial adipose layer and deep adipose layer
5 major contour parts: periocular, perioral, facial, mandibular margin, floor of jaw, neck Suitable population

Suitable for treatment

5D collagen lifting can be used by many age groups aged 20-70 who want to brighten skin color, control fat dissolution, lift and tighten, deep anti allergy and improve skin quality. 5D collagen lifting is strongly recommended for the following groups:


1. Young and old people: people with facial relaxation are about to appear due to staying up late and working overtime.

2. People with loose faces have appeared. For example, the facial contour becomes blurred: even if there is no weight gain, the facial lines from earlobe to Chin begin to become loose and no longer smooth and clear, especially from the side.

3. People with multiple obvious relaxation manifestations. For example: the skin on the cheekbones is no longer full and tight, the highest point of the face slowly moves down, and nasolabial groove (also known as legal lines) begins to appear; Not fat, but inevitably a double chin.

What is the mechanism of 5D Laser lifting?

With dual wavelength 1064nm / 755nm technology, multi spot and ultra long pulse width selection, laser energy can better act on skin tissue to produce a photothermal effect. Cynosure has a unique wavelength of 755-1064nm and a laser action time of 300ms, which can achieve a comprehensive, multi-level and multi-directional treatment effect

What are the advantages of the Cynosure?

No contact, no infection, no surface anesthesia, non-invasive and painless, short operation time (about 30 points), lasting curative effect and maintaining stability for one year

What is the difference between Cynosure5D and fotona 4D?

4D is the dual wavelength 1064nm and 2094nm. Its own smooth mode needs to be operated from the oral cavity, with the risk of cross infection. The operation time is long, 2 hours each time. The doctor utilization rate is low, the maintenance effect is short, and it is done 5-6 times a year. 5D is the dual wavelength 1064nm and 755nm without contact, no infection, and the operation time is short, 30 minutes each time. The doctor utilization rate is high, the customer unit price is high, and the maintenance effect is long. One side is done 1-2 times

What is the original principle of Cynosure 5D Laser lifting?

Cynosure 5D is a new type of equipment on the market that uses dual wavelength and multi group pulse width to reach the deep layer of the skin. Through the multilevel conduction of  laser to the skin, the effect of firming and improving can be achieved from different levels. Awaken the sleeping collagen of the skin and make the skin glow with vigorous tension from the bottom of the muscle. The unique dual wavelength laser technology is used to heat five substances under the skin at the same time: moisture, melanin, hemoglobin, collagen and fat, tighten the collagen, selectively degrade the excess fat on the face, improve the contour, promote the regeneration of collagen and keep the skin young for a long time.

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