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Fotona Pro + Hair Removal

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Fotona Pro 2 in 1 Hair Removal + Whitening

The wavelength of Nd:YAG is 1,064nm. Having a longer wavelength, it can deeply reach the roots of hair follicles. Fotona Pro's patented heat pulse technology can swiftly and effectively close off hair follicles to shut down hair follicle growth and achieve the superb hair removal effect. Furthermore, due to the lower absorption rate of melanin at this wavelength, the epidermis absorbs less energy. Therefore, during the treatment process, the laser energy is mainly absorbed by the hair follicle tissue without damaging the surrounding tissues, making hair removal safer and effective. It has excellent effects on all kinds of skin tones and hair thickness, hair colors, and hair follicle location and depth!

It is especially suitable for facial hair removal with sensitive skin types.

For your comfort, Fotona Pro is accompanied by an external Zimmer Cooling System that produces cool air ranging from -20℃ to -30℃, with adjustable temperature in 9 levels. We can adjust the level according to personal needs to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the treatments while avoiding the risk of burns by reducing the heat accumulation at the epidermis.

1,064nm laser handpiece does not need to contact the skin to remove hair. The adjustable handpiece covers the treatment area from 2mm to 15mm. This technology allows us to treat a wide range of parts of the body with extensive area coverage or fine hair trimming and removal at 2mm. Fotona Pro is fine, accurate, and effective.

Suitable for: Patients who expect permanent hair removal

Treatment time: 10-60 minutes according to the treatment area

Treatment interval: 3 weeks

​Number of times required: 4-6 times

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